Wednesday 4 May 2016

In the Wars...

This little man is so desperate to crawl! He's making his way around the room, rolling and reaching, stretching and shuffling, but has yet to actually move those little arms and knees together in one united movement. This Bubba is just seriously chilled out and not fussed at all about rushing through the milestones! The joy of having two big sisters at your beck and call!

But this week, he's been hitting some new milestones... Sitting himself up in bed, and pulling himself up to standing, and he's been paying for it! Poor boy has been in the wars... Falling across things, out of things, bumping his head and getting stuck. It's just that age, isn't it?! When everything just seems to be at the wrong height....

An age of exploration, of daring and of risk... And I'm quickly realising I need another pair of eyes in the back of my head if I want to have any chance of keeping this little explorer out of trouble! If only it were that simple!!

At ten months old, he's certainly keeping me on my toes!


  1. Kay Louise Mumford4 May 2016 at 13:37

    Evie isn't even trying to crawl or pull herself up. She is content sitting and waving at us saying hiya and hello every few minutes! So different from her big brother.

  2. Bless him Claire. My boy didn't crawl til he was 10 months or walk properly until he was 15 months! As you say, when he's got two big sisters to run around after him, why would he bother? Here's hoping Jonas stays as chilled out as he is currently - my boy hasn't changed :)

  3. Oh poor wee boy, he really is at the age for bumps and bruises isn't he! And yes, when he gets on the move, that's when life gets really interesting (and in our case we acquired several extra baby gates!)


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