Friday 6 May 2016

Little Loves // playhouses, sunshine and blasts from the past

Do you know, it has been SO LONG since I stopped by over here... and I have missed it! There is something so lovely about recording those little bits and bobs of the ordinary days that go by, but the problem is, these past two months have been anything but ordinary... we have had birthdays galore - 3rds, 60ths and 21sts, hen dos, stag days, holidays and an impending wedding... we have been so super busy that the blog really has gone on the back burner, and I've missed linking up with the lovely Morgana and the "Little Loves" crew...

So here's the deal... I'm hoping to get back in the habit of heading over here every week!

The girls and I have been racing through books this month... For all of us, the fifteen minutes I spend reading to them, curled up in the (mini) armchair in the corner of their room while they peer over the edge of their beds is one of the highlights of each day. I have always loved to read, and I'm loving passing that on to my kiddos... So much so, that I'm basically not really reading any adult books at the moment, but instead filling up on childhood classics like "The Magical Faraway Tree", "George Speaks" (pictured) and "The Children at the Happy House". Having these literary 'blasts from the past' every night is so much fun!

Have any of you come across the Read Aloud Revival podcast?! Seriously, it's awesome, and has been a total gamechanger for me and the way I approach reading with the children... I am absolutely loving it, and listening to at least 2 episodes a week at the moment! I will add a link in a bit... Basically as soon as I get access to a laptop this morning! But if you can't wait, just search it on google, and you'll stumble upon a real treasure trove! Fascinating, inspiring, easy listening... I highly recommend!

The Durrells - I'm watching it on catch up as we missed the first few weeks, so I'm only one episode in, but loving it already - the quirky characters, the beautiful setting, the 1930s attire! I have just loved the constant flow of dramas this year!

Sockless shoes! Goodbye boots! I have packed them away for the summer, and it has been so lovely, this week, to actually get a little bit of sunshine! And oh, the joy of just slipping a pair of shoes on your feet as you head out the door - no boots to pull on, no jackets to do up, no scarves to tie! Bliss! It's literally halved our preparation time for getting everyone out the door in one piece!

A pretty little home for the girls... They haven't played in their Hütte much over the winter, and the place was a tip from copious play dates, so I pottered in there yesterday afternoon and gave the whole place a good springclean!

They were so thrilled when they went out... Beaming and cooking up a storm, and Jonas was excited to experience the "Hütte" for the first time! He was served lemonade, cups of tea, cakes, biscuits and was even allowed a go on the till! Utterly spoils by his sisters!

And lastly...

These two... They bicker like old biddies sometimes, but really? I think this picture is one of my favourites! My little ladies snuggled up on the sofa watching Pippi Longstocking!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope it's a good one!

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  1. Their playhouse is immense!! I would have loved something like that when I was young. I used to love reading The Magic Faraway Tree too. It sounds like you have been really busy lately! x

  2. I absolutely love your playhouse for your girls, it is so cute and beautifully decorated inside. I bet they play in their for hours, lucky things! xx

  3. That little house is beautiful! I love reading stories I used to read as a child to my little one and the teen has picked up a few old favourites over the years too. Nothing like losing yourself in your childhood favourites. Have a great weekend x

  4. You went sockless?! Oh my!! A sure sign of warmer weather. To be fair, I actually contemplated painting my toenails today :) I adore that playhouse. It's beyond cute!!

  5. That playhouse is beautiful! My girls would spend hours and hours in there.
    I adore the old stories too, I really must read the faraway tree to my littlest I think she'd love it xxx


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