Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Homegrown Windowsill // Bringing Nature Indoors

Once in a while, I stumble upon some silly little thing that brings me an disproportionate amount of joy... The precursor to this post is that I am hopeless with plants. Ask anyone who's ever known me... The only house plants that survive in our house are the fake plastic IKEA kind...

So that's why this little kitchen windowsill has been bringing me so much joy recently.

It's the simple things, right?!

There are three living plants on my kitchen windowsill, and more importantly, they've been sitting there, staying alive for three weeks! And most excitingly of all, they are being used! Fresh mint, fresh basil, and a living salad (99p in Lidl and it lasts us the week... No disclaimer needed! I just think it's fab!) it's been so much fun to reach across to my windowsill mid-cooking-flow and add a little something to the meal of the day!

I'm just appreciating this little windowsill right now. Pretty soon, it will be reduced to rubble as the building work heads downstairs in a few weeks...

So in the meantime, I'll stand at the sink, admiring my scaffolding garden view, and munch a couple of salad leaves as I do so!

What little things are bringing you joy right now?

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