Wednesday 14 September 2016

A Box Full Of Memories // A Touchnote Print Box Review

Anyone who stops by this blog with any kind of regularity will know that I have a bit of a thing for photography... it's always been a bit of a passion of mine; at uni, my friends never bothered taking their cameras out, "Oh, Claire will have hers!" was the common refrain! Photography has always fascinated me, and capturing moments in time holds a very special place in my heart.

The problem is... while I'm good at capturing memories and taking photographs, I am really seriously bad at actually getting them printed. I have grand visions of scrapbooking all our memories, or at least creating a photo book, but wading through my literal thousands of photos just seems a bit overwhelming sometimes...

And our lovely friends at Touchnote have come up with the perfect answer!

Our Touchnote Print Box landed on our doorstep yesterday after a few clicks on my iPad on Saturday night! The Touchnote app registers all your photographs taken on your iPhone or iPad while abroad, and collates up to 36 of your favourites into a personalised photo box, labelled and lovely and easy to store, so you have a printed recollection of your special times, and not just a heap of photos on your hard-drive!

The app is really easy to use, though you need to make sure you don't make the mistake I made, and have your location services switched off (oops!). The app relies on recognising you are abroad so that it doesn't try and access all the photos you've ever taken, but is able to recognise each "holiday" as a distinct event for your Print Box!

And voila...

In the space of literally one minute, you have created your personalised print box and its on its way!

It even lets you pick your lid pattern... how cute was this stamps one?!

The joy of getting our summer photos back so quickly meant we were able to reflect again on all the fun things we got up to, and the pretty, compact little box means we're not needing to find space for big photo albums, but instead have all our memories ready to be whipped out for any visitors who fancy a nose through!

Although beware of children who take a shine to your print box and want to steal photos for their own albums (OK... yes, my five year old is better at recording memories than I am!)

If you haven't checked out the Touchnote app yet this summer, its free to download! Just click on the Touchnote button below and have fun creating your own box full of memories from your summer adventures!


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