Thursday 22 September 2016

Starting Preschool // Mini Milestones

It seems like only yesterday I was standing with my firstborn on this very spot, lump in throat, blurry eyed at the prospect of sending her off to nursery... And here we are with our littlest lady. Schultüte in arms, excitement written across her face as she stands so tall and proud in her school uniform. When they say "the days are long, but the years are short", they are not wrong. If you're still in those early home days, cherish them. They will be gone in a flash and they are so very, very precious.

So yes, I may have only started making Heidi's Schultüte at 9.30pm the night before she started school... But boy was I glad that I'd done a bit of a cheat's job with Ava's (minimal sewing, maximal double-sided sticky tape!) and so felt no qualms about doing exactly the same with Heidi's. Pretty as a picture. Im sure at some point in my life I'll realise that it's a major error to begin cute, homemade projects for your eldest child... Fairness will insist that the gesture is repeated for younger siblings! One day, one day.... But it's worth it for the wondrous look on their faces when they see it filled up at the breakfast table!

I filled it up with hair elastics, a new water bottle, some stickers and a little book... Nothing fancy, and mostly necessities. Thrilled is possibly an understatement...

And then we took the obligatory photos, and I asked the obligatory questions (she wants to be a porridge-maker?!) and then I took our little girl to preschool and handed her over. She walked in, beaming from ear to ear... I made it to the school gates before the tears started flowing.

Grateful, just so grateful, for this little gift of a girl and her effervescent, bubbly, joy-filled attitude to life. 

Grateful that she is healthy and thriving.

Grateful that she is so happy to go off to her new teachers and classmates...

And grateful for the big miracles and the little mundane gifts that the Lord gives us each and every day.

My two little school girls... Breaking my Mama heart since 2011!


  1. Ooo! Yes I remember those days, and they are not over for a long time! We have just this week waved goodbye to our youngest outside a university hall of residence and then (gulp) waved goodbye to his elder brother as he embarks on 32 weeks of military basic training. No cute gifts but lots of hugs were shared. Your gifts are lovely - I always enjoy finding practical gifts to pop into Christmas stockings.

  2. Oh how is she big enough for nursery already!!! She looks so very very excited, I hope she had a wonderful first few days :)

  3. I know exactly how you feel, I miss my big girls so much and can't believe we're here already! I love that little tradition you've made, so pretty and thoughtful xx

  4. I love the porridge maker bit, H wants to be an "aquarium lady and have 68 babies" when she grows up lol x


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