Sunday 15 January 2017

Siblings in January // New Dynamics

These three little people of mine have always had a very definite dynamic... The older two, the best of friends... Stuck at the hip and literally doing everything together. Their interests are similar, their humour is similar, their hobbies and tastes are similar. They are very different characters, but the dynamic has always worked... My chalk and cheese. At eighteen months apart, they have always been incredibly close, and most days they tell me that the other one is their best friend.

And then there's our Jonas boy, the baby of our family, who is adored and loved beyond belief, but who has very much, for the most part, happily kept his own company, as long as he has a ball at hand (or foot!). He has always been happiest left to his own devices, and preferred the company of aforementioned ball to over-enthusiastic, over-affectionate big sisters. One on one with the girls, the dynamic has always been lovely to watch, but when the older two are knee deep in some kind of make-believe, he has always made a swift exit.

Until now...

Suddenly, someone wants in on the action! The past couple of weeks, I have noticed a slow transition beginning to take place. Jonas is wanting to join in the fun, and though he doesn't always play the games correctly, or follow instructions, the girls are doing their best to bring little brother into the pack, and it's lovely to watch!

There is something so unbelievably heartwarming as a parent about watching those little siblings immersed, together, in some faraway land... Coming up with all sorts of adventures and having a wonderful time of it.

Of course, there are times when Jonas' wandering off, or doing something he shouldn't do is a cause of great frustration for his sisters (who have very particular ideas about how games should go...) and when I see his sad little face, or their generous attempts with him being inadvertently snubbed by him, I'm glad we have this little number four on the way...

A little play buddy, all of his very own!

In the meantime, I'm loving watching them learn how to figure out this little three dynamic between them! This little set of siblings, in January.


  1. This sounds a lot like my three! they love each other fiercely but P does love his own company too. I am so excited to see how your siblings will change this year! (don't make me broody!!) x

  2. What a lovely post! It almost made me want to go back in time! Our three children are adults now with commitments that keep them physically apart for much of the year. They just love getting together - all three were home for Christmas 😊 and I felt so blessed that they treasure the times they spend with one another.

  3. Love the action shot in the first photo! We have 15 months between our first two and the gap could be tough at times but has also paid off too. Such a lovely trio you have :-) #Siblings

  4. Aww that's so sweet - I love it when they finally make that connection and can all play together - though Pip will still often wander off with a ball, I think he and Jonas would get on like a house on fire!!


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