Thursday 20 April 2017

Our Little Arrival...

Our little bundle of joy

Our Elias William

Born 5 weeks early on Saturday suddenly, unexpectedly, a little traumatically and dramatically.

Childbirth is not pretty... But it is glorious. This little bundle of joy born too soon, yet fighting fit. Evidence that though the journey can be painful, difficult, riddled with tears, wounds, scars and doubts, the ending is beautiful... The gift is worth it. So very worth it.

God was in every bit of his arrival... The timings of events, which could have been catastrophic if things had unfolded minutes earlier, or minutes later... Perhaps I will share the story some time... For now, I'm trying to get my own head round it, and revelling in the newborn scent, the sleepy feeds, this precious little miracle gift of a boy.

Thank you to all of you have supported us so well over the past few difficult weeks.

We are here, and we can testify, as does the meaning of our littlest boy's name...

The Lord is God!



  1. Congratulations Claire! How wonderful, what a precious gift. He's gorgeous. So pleased for you all! xx

  2. He is absolutely gorgeous and it's wonderful that he made a safe arrival and to see God's perfect timing at work x

  3. You are so right - the gift is totally worth it. So pleased to hear that you are both safe and well and congratulations again x

  4. Congratulations. So pleased for you. I was wondering if something had happened as you hadn't posted in a few days. I've been following your blog for over a year now after googling christian mum blogs but this is the first time I've left a message. I love the balance between your faith and being real. I've been really encouraged by your honesty over the last year. God bless you and your little family. Enjoy this special time x

  5. God is good all the time. He is gorgeous and a good size for being 5 weeks early! Congratulations to you, Dave and the children on the birth of Elias William. I hope and pray all is well and both mum and baby will recover quickly. xx


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