Wednesday 10 May 2017

Hunkering Down // Life Lessons in the School of Humility

We are soaking in these slow days. surrendering to the gentle, steady rhythm of the newborn. Enforced rest and low expectations. Simply surviving one day after the other and being content that that is enough. It's a season I found incredibly intense as a first time mother, but now I am savouring it for all its worth. Perhaps it's the knowledge that this season is so short and will pass, perhaps it's the bittersweet realisation that I will not be in this place again, but while I am eager to be back in the driving seat, I am not rushing the opportunity to recover, and simply focus on this precious little bundle we have been entrusted with.

I am still a good way from normality... The early morning is the hardest shift and I haven't yet managed to be up, baby fed and sort the other children out ready for the school run. I am so thankful for my Mum who has been helping and getting the big three ready, and who has just been a daily presence, ensuring all runs smoothly. Three school runs is still too much for my post-section body and so I am contending myself with managing one and having to be humble enough to accept all the help I can get. Something that doesn't come overly naturally to me!

There are always life lessons to be learned... In the easy times, and in the times of weakness... But I truly believe that this babymoon phase is where some of the sweetest lessons can be learned. Lessons in humility and weakness and dependence. Lessons in pulling back and hunkering down and taking stock. Lessons in thankfulness and wonder and joy.

Lessons in sacrifice and service and putting someone else's needs above all else.

Lessons in cross-centred living.

And there's no better way to earn those lessons, than with this sweet tiny boy of mine.


  1. It's a privilege to be involved in these little people's lives xxxx


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