Friday 26 May 2017

May Favourites // Little Loves

Hello little loves! It's been a while... a long while! SO much water under the bridge since I last checked in and shared all the things we've been loving month by month.

Here's our biggest little love at the moment...

Elias William joined our family just over a month ago, and we're all utterly smitten with him! In the light of an awful week for our country, I'm cuddling up with these littles and treasuring all the little things right now.

Aside from the fairly life-changing addition of Elias, here's what we've been loving this month!


I was very honoured (and slightly excited!) to be featured in June's addition of 'Woman Alive' magazine. It was only a short article, but it was the first time I've had anything published in print in about ten years, so it felt a bit special!

I'm slowly but surely working my way through this pile above! I'm currently juggling "Growing up social", "Simply Tuesday" and the Lauren Graham autobiography (the light-hearted element!) I'll keep you posted on the developments!

* * *


I spotted this on Netflix and really, really ummed and aahed about whether to watch it... I love the Megan Fellowes original, like seriously hugest fan ever. But you know what? However much I really actually didn't want to like it... I really did. Nothing will ever come close to the original, but I actually really loved the storytelling, the stark Canadian scenery, the portrayal of Anne as a dramatic 13 year old. There was a bit of artistic license (which I felt was unnecessary - why would you need to add artistic license to L.M.Montgomery's writing?!)! but although I didn't particularly like the ending, I felt sad when the series was over. It looks promising that there'll be another one to follow though! And the young Gilbert/Anne romance is beautifully portrayed!

* * *


The girls and I have kickstarted our summer project and began to record all our adventures in our nature journals. We are having so much fun learning on the job... making lots of mistakes, learning the art of sketching and watercolouring by trial and error. Learning that its OK when things don't look on paper exactly how they look in your head, and learning how to compliment and praise each others work, even if we're disappointed with our own. There are so many more little lessons in this little project than just improving our artistic skills, and I'm genuinely so excited about seeing how they turn out by the end of the summer. We'll keep you posted!

* * *


I am making some headway on returning to my old wardrobe, but am currently in that awkward in-between phase. All my maternity clothes are now miles too big, but my pre-pregnancy clothes are still too small, so I have a select few items that I'm wearing on rotation.

Elias, on the other hand, has the hugest wardrobe already and I'm loving dressing him in all these gorgeous baby boy outfits...

Excuse the baby spam!

* * *


I stumbled across this fascinating podcase called the Boredom Experiment. It was a podcast created by a couple of pulled off social media for a year. It's pretty raw and vulnerable and deeply challenging. Well worth a listen in...

Dave and I have been playing Ben Howard on repeat. Old Pine reminds me so much of our holiday to Cornwall two years ago. Precious memories!

* * *

A N D   L A S T L Y

I'm feeling back on my own two feet at last, and as of tomorrow I can drive again, and stop injecting myself nightly with fragmin..! Life's small pleasures, hey?!

Have a wonderful weekend! Now off to check out all your #littleloves!!!

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  1. I have just started watching the Anne series on Netflix, and had similar reservations as you. You have inspired me to keep going with it - I'm only on episode 2

  2. Glad you are back on your feet and can now drive Claire x

  3. Loving the baby spam Claire and so glad you are feeling more like yourself. Congratulations on appearing in Woman Alive as well, I'll have to see if I can rustle up a copy :D

  4. You never need to apologise for baby spam Claire, Elias is absolutely glorious.
    Ben Howard and Cornwall are synonymous to me too. Just hearing him conjures up beautiful beaches and sunkissed faces. SO lovely xx

  5. I love the baby spam. I love the nature jounal idea. I think my eldest might be too young but sounds great for next year.

  6. Oh hello baby always making me broody. I love the baby spamming keep them coming makes me smile. Nature journals that's so awesome what a great thing to do for the summer. I really need to watch this Anne with an E more.. Started it but then like my books lately I just haven't the time but I do need me time this half term. Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend ahead. #littleloves

  7. This is a heartwarming read Claire, so many things I will check out on here, number one being Anne of Green Gables! I've heard a lot about this - hoping I can persuade my girls to watch too. Your little man is gorgeous. How is Jonas getting on with him? X

  8. I love the Anne of Green Gables books, but have never watched a dramatisation of it! My husband suggested I try Anne with an E (he loves watching to serial dramas, I never do!) and I watched the first one. I found the flashbacks quite dark, but enjoyed the portrayal of Anne. Should I watch the 'original' one first?

  9. Congratulations and thank you for sharing such beautiful photos of you little son. I love your nature journal, my children are so interested in their environment and its lovely to be able to encourage such a delight in nature.


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