Tuesday 23 May 2017

When words fail // Manchester


I woke up with no words to write yesterday.

Images of teenagers running across foyers.

Echoes of screams.

A nightmare earthed in reality.

Words don't come... 

Instead, uneasy, stuttered prayers for our broken, battered world... For parents who grieve, for children struggling with the aftermath of trauma. 

Prayers to trust God, and not to fear, in a world I don't want to expose my children to. My four children, three of whom ran around the garden yesterday evening, giggling and carefree, while other Mama's mourn with broken hearts.

The sun shines in a cloudless sky this morning, and yet darkness lingers in the aftermath.

What is there to be said?

Other than to long for the day when all this awful, tragic brokenness is over... When evil will no longer exist... When Christ promises there will be no more crying or sadness or pain.

We cling to hope in the face of evil, and pray for those suffering in our world today.

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