Monday 12 June 2017

Home Sweet Home // Some Extension pictures!

There is something in me that has always loved noseying around other people's houses... I love Grand Designs, home makeover shows and anything that gives me a sneak peek into someone else's home. Our own home has resembled a building site for much of the past year (resembled is the wrong word... It's been a building site.) And since then, many of you have asked me to put some pictures up of the new extension... So here you go...

This project was a labour of love from day one. So much thought went into every tiny detail. We will never be in a position to do this kind of work again, so from the beginning, the long term perspective was important. Our growing family and church involvement necessitated a separate room for meetings and gatherings, but I wasn't ready to part with the open plan design we had before, and so we decided one big, open plan kitchen diner, and a separate lounge at the front, was the way to go, and set off our architect with sketches on scrap paper to get going with!

The sink is possibly my favourite feature... It's a big, old school double sink that looks out over the dining table(/craft station) and garden, meaning I can get on with jobs and have half an eye on the goings on outside. It's also pretty good for bathing small boys - nothing like a good old sink bath!

I am a firm believer n the 'blank canvas" approach... There is so much to be gained by having neutral walls - they are clearer, brighter and offer no end of decorating possibilities... I love that with a change in tablecloth or a new cushion on the armchair, I can change the feel of the whole room!

... And I couldn't help myself but come up with a plan for some blackboard paint. Dave painted it one evening - I can't tell you how glad I am to have a husband who runs with (and even supports) my crazy ideas!  The children and I are loving it!


From the word go, I was determined I wanted an IKEA kitchen - there is just no-one that even comes close on storage design as they do... Plus it had the added bonus of being significantly cheaper. I had also fallen in love with a certain aforementioned sink which was the icing on the cake! I think it was a bit of a mare for our builder to fit (oops!) but he did an amazing job and we got there in the end!

We laughed when I did my first big shop and 'filled' the fridge... It was only about half full! I have absolutely no doubt , however, that in a few years with four teenagers in the house (yes... That is four all at once!!!) it will be bursting at the seams! We paid for the fridge/freezer with the money we got from selling it on eBay! Brilliant!

Aside from the fridge... This little spot is my other favourite feature... Good old Pinterest helped me out with this one...

I didn't get my utility room, but I did get my laundry cupboard!

It makes me want to do laundry so much more!! (Is that weird?!?) if only I had the same drive to put the washing away!

This room really is the hub of our home! We are so thrilled with it!

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  1. Looks lovely x

  2. Beautiful xx

  3. Your utility cupboard is amazing!!

  4. Elizabeth Giddy12 June 2017 at 10:10

    Wow it looks so good!!

  5. Looks absolutely stunning! So many ideas to 'borrow' x

  6. Start cooking know 😀 lovely kitchen!

  7. its gorgeous! You should be so proud!

  8. Oh that is so nice, you should be super proud, and I LOVE the utility cupboard!


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