Monday 7 August 2017

Our Summer in Norway // 2017 Week One

The first few days of our trip to Norway have been a whirlwind ths year! Catching up with friends and family has been wonderful and the children have lived in a little sociable bubble these past few days. There have been different children to play with every day,  and hearing our girls chattering away with their little Norwegian friends makes me so thankful once again that we went down this multilingual route. Summers are always a reminder that it's worth it.

Jonas, it feels like, is experiencing Norway for the first time. Although this is actually his third trip, it's the first time he's actually old enough to appreciate the sights and the sounds and the people! Driving the tractor with his Great-Aunt Margrete has definitely been the highlight for him so far, and splashing around in the fjord comes in at a close second!

We spent the day with dear friends at one of our favourite little haunts on Thursday. Pretty coloured boathouses line the fjord, and worn paths meander up through the trees. Behind you lies the fjord, stretching out in deep blue to the foot of the mountains and lapping at the shore line merrily. It is one of the most beautiful little corners of the earth, and we make sure, without doubt, that we return there every year.

The children chattered away, gathering leaves and wildflowers, running ahead to see what they could discover...

And then they discovered the ice cave. A cave reaching down deep into the ground which was freezing cold. Our little adventurers were off to explore... clambering down, down, down cold rock, the tunnel getting ever narrower. Fearless. I'm not going to lie when I say I was a bit relieved when Ava climbed back out again. 

Here's one little person who I'm not going to be letting clamber down deep, dark icy tunnels any time soon...

Elias is thoroughly enjoying his first trip to Norway, and is eating, sleeping, smiling and giggling the days  away! He's such a little sweetie, and is chubbing up by the day. Our little bear is no longer such a tiny little button!

The children are having a wonderful time with cousins and second-cousins galore! Nearly all the family return back to the peninsula at some point over the summer, so there are visitors every week most years! Uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, great uncles and great aunts. It is wonderful!

And lovely Swedish family members who bring delicious cake are always popular! (Thank you Cecilia!)

The weather report has forewarned rain all day every day, and yet the joy of fjordlife, is that more often than not, the weather doesn't listen to the weather report! It has rained every night, but for the most part we've had dry and sunshine during the day!

Who knows what the weather will do this week, but either way, we're having a whale of a time!


  1. So many memories and such a beautiful place! It would really make you want to visit! Have a lovely time x

  2. This sounds like such an excellent adventure for your family! Really fortunate to have family there too and all the visitors! Lovely photos, looks like such a beautiful part of the world x

  3. Sounds great claire. Weather has been mixed here too x

  4. So lovely reading your blog & hearing about your hols. Hope you all come back feeling refreshed xx


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