Monday 28 August 2017

Our Summer in Norway // 2017 Week Three

It's hard to believe we've been back five days already... The past few days have flown by in a flurry of birthday celebrations and BBQs, family time and dedications. It's been jam-packed and makes me feel like Norway was a lifetime ago, when in reality, this time last week, we were still fjord side.

Our last few days in Norway did not disappoint!

We returned to one of our favourite haunts... A goat farm up in the valley where the goats roam free and mountain peaks overlook. Despite it being a rather dreary day, it was still beautiful. We spent the first half hour wandering around, wondering if all the goats would scurry away at our approach, until finally one lone white goat (pictured with Ava a bit further down) approached us tentatively and nuzzled in. The other goats looked on, and within minutes we were surrounded by a flurry of furry creatures all wanting in on the action!

Ava and Jonas were immediately taken, confidently stroking and loving on the goats, while our Heidi approached more cautiously...

  Within minutes she was enjoying it as well as the rest of them!

Our return to our favourite Heidi-alpesque scene did not disappoint!

A couple of days later we headed to Gudvangen, a Viking village brought to life by reenactors - many of whom actually live on site! The children were caught up in a world of weaving and longships, of aged chess sets and stories of old. It captured all of our imaginations and we learnt so much!

A couple of days later my birthday rolled round and we took a boat trip up the fjord with Dave's Aunt!

Love these littl'uns in their flourescent orange life jackets!

The three oldest all had a go at driving too which always goes down a treat!

Our little Heidi at the wheel...!

Dave and I went out for dinner in the evening and we tucked in to pizza and calzone at our favourite restaurant in the town. Evenings are precious with four little ones underfoot... And evenings out are few and far between. It was the perfect end to my birthday.

And just thirty-six hours later, it was time for another birthday!

Our Ava turned six; we went swimming, picnicked, took a trip on the motor boat and grilled as the evening light came in. And in every spare moment she good find, our biggest girl weaved and weaved on her new loom like there was no tomorrow, while Papa soaked up some rays and got immersed in his latest read!

It was a joy to celebrate six years with this little lady... I have learnt so much from her...

Motherhood has been one of the biggest challenges and adventures of my life - it has the ability to give you the greatest joy-filled moments, but also leaves you vulnerable like nothing else. I love being a Mama. I fail every day, and I'm thankful for grace and the hope the gospel gives me in my moments of failure... But I wouldn't trade this parenting adventure. I'm so grateful, and humbled, to have been entrusted with the care and training of these four little lives. Norway always give me space to step back and analyse, to plan and to pray, to think through where we are at with the individual dynamics of each of our little brood, and seek creative ways to draw them out, build character and faith, and train through difficult behaviours. I come home every year feeling refreshed and ready for a 'new year'... September, and the start of a new academic year, always feel like a fresh start to me.

And so our last evening in Norway disappeared with a sunset walk, a "Happy birthday" song and the snuffing out of six little candles.

The perfect end to another Scandi summer.

Thank you Lord for this beautiful part of the world...


  1. Den vakraste plassen eg veit om!

  2. Thank you for sharing your time away with your family. All your posts have been a treat to read and the photos of your children and the scenery are just beautiful.


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