Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sister Secrets...

I remember the moment Heidi was born, the shout of "It's a girl!" and just being overwhelmed with joy! We have never minded what our babies would be... The gift of the child cherished regardless of the gender, but I do remember how thrilled I was that Ava had a little sister... And the reason being that I had always imagined this... These photos... Two little girls, the best of friends. Giggling together, whispering over some silliness.

When that baby girl was placed in my arms, I envisioned the day I would watch my two little ladies sharing friendship together. A few weeks later, when that baby girl lay in hospital, on the brink, I feared those motherly daydreams would be shattered... And yet here we are, four years later, and it is with real joy and thankfulness that I see these two really are the very best of friends. God has been so very good to us.

Watching them laughing together over some joke I am not privy to, I capture a glimpse of the young women they are becoming. Such very different characters. Chalk and cheese... One a wordsmith, the other the artist, one the night owl, the other the morning bird, one into adventures and exploring, the other into fairies and princesses. And yet so many shared loves. So many common interests. I can't wait to see their little personalities developing more, their friendship moulding and changing, their interests adapting.

Little sisters and their secrets. I'm so very glad they have each other.


  1. It's also been great this holiday seeing the friendship develop between S and E - they have become best friends and inseparable, entertaining each other every day. Highlight of the holidays so far for m

  2. Always great to have a sister :)x


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