Sunday 15 October 2017

Baby Tales // Six Months

Happy half birthday my littlest man! You bring us so much joy! This month you have hit a tonne of milestones - you don't lie on your back for more than a few seconds now, before your little legs are over and you've flipped. You hold your little head high, those huge blue eyes taking in everything, and you are just such a happy, joyful baby. It is truly an honour to be your Mama.

I am revelling in the baby phase fourth time round... just savouring the cuddly, chubby, gummy and giggly snuggles of babyhood. I thought babies were hard until I had toddlers, and then I realised that the physical exhaustion of mothering babies is no match for the mental exhaustion of toddlers! Despite the fact I'm still up at least once in the night, he's the easiest of the bunch at the moment... and just gurgles, coos, sleeps and smiles his way through the day.

For Elias, life is one constant show of entertainment... there is always a sibling around, either singing at him, smothering him in hugs and kisses or just generally bouncing around and keeping him amused, but my favourite moments with this babe of mine are the quiet pockets of the day where we are just alone. Me and him. When you're the youngest of four, one on one time can be minimal, but there's a little slot in the afternoon, when the girls are at school, and Jonas sleeps and my littlest boy and I have a little space and I have a bit of time just for him. It's precious. And I love it. And I think he does too.

The six month mark means we are officially out of the tiny baby phase, and I know we'll be hurtling towards one at breakneck speed. The next six months will no doubt be a flurry of milestones - first food, sitting, crawling, perhaps even walking! I've thoroughly savoured the tiny baby days of leaving my baby in one place, and knowing he'll still be there when I come back... I know my days are numbered!

Oh Elias, I thank the Lord every day for the precious gift you are to us. Those scary hospital weeks seem so far behind us now, and I'm so very, very grateful that you are here - fit and well and thriving - and bringing us so much joy. You have slotted right into our family so perfectly... and I genuinely can't imagine, or believe, that just six months ago you weren't even here!

My prayer for you in these next six months, sweet boy, is that you will begin to grasp how loved you are - by your siblings, by us, and by your heavenly Father... and that as you begin to grasp those truths, you will know your identity and place as a much loved member of our family, and an unconditionally loved child of the King of Kings.

We love you, our Elias boy!

Ich hab dich so lieb,

Mama x

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  1. Wow - 6 months already!! Happy half birthday x


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