Friday 3 November 2017

Our Littlest Love...// Fourth Time Round

This little soul. He is such a sweet one. Honestly... I feel like I am absolutely revelling in the baby phase this time round. He is just such a jolly little delight, and babies are such a breeze compared to their toddler counterparts! I think knowing this is probably our last means I'm not letting any second go without savouring it for all its worth. Every middle of the night feed, every gummy smile, every deep belly baby giggle when he's tickled or thrown in the air. Smiles come so easily to him and he'll charm anyone and everyone who'll look his way. I just adore that about him.

I honestly can't express how thankful I am that we got the joy and privilege of raising this littlest soul. We get so many comments, all the time, alluding to the fact that we're downright mad to have had four so close together. I couldn't disagree more. What an honour to have my home full of loud little voices, running footsteps and, at times, chaos. It is so full to the brim in every sense of the phrase! 

I am so very thankful to God for the gift of motherhood. It certainly isn't always easy, it requires daily patience and self- sacrifice, and a healthy dose of perspective.  But a few minutes with this boy and I cant help but be thankful! 

He is just too delicious!


  1. He's totally scrummy and I can see little bits of all the others in him. Why would anyone feel it;s okay to suggest someone is mad for wanting a particular number of children is beyond me. Enjoy every moment of all of those fabulous little people, as they grow so quickly, mine are 17,14 & 10 now!

  2. 4 beautiful children x


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