Friday 17 November 2017

Preparing our Hearts for Christmas // An Advent Devotional

Advent has become such a precious time for us as a family over the past few years... somehow savouring Advent has put the breaks on the Christmas rush and allowed us a slow descent into the festive season. Taking time to meditate on the arrival of Christ has helped us to refocus our priorities and remember what Christmas is really all about. It was a journey we began back when Ava was a baby - an attempt to teach our firstborn the true meaning of Christmas in an age-appropriate and tactile way, and they are traditions I have come to cherish.

But for me, to really savour and soak in the wonder of the Christmas story, I need a little help. All too often my heart is anxious with all the things that have to be done, my mind frantic with activity and my to-do list impossibly long.

So stopping in the morning, in the quiet of those early hours, with bedside lamp on and covers pulled up around me, it is precious to pour over words of Scripture that remind me of God become man.I don't find that easy... there is often a baby babbling in the background, a toddler bumbling around in his room and a window of opportunity before the day kicks off. It's tempting to use that window for a few extra moments shut-eye, or to graze over my social media accounts, but time and time again I have found that getting into the word is the best way to begin my day.

And for this season of Advent, I love nothing more than the aid of a Christmas Devotional.

And this year, I am armed and ready!

Every Year, the Good Book Company produce a little devotional book for the season of Advent. I've dipped in early this year for the purposes of this review, and its a gem. Working through Philippians chapter 2, Tim Chester helps us see the wonder of the incarnation; the incredible mercy of God becoming nothing. Step by step, we are led through rich verses in a short and easy to read text, followed by a text to meditate on, often some lines from a famous carol, and then a prayer. The different threads of verse, devotional, carol and prayer, weave a rich and helpful tapestry that helps us re-grasp the wonder of Christmas. I was hooked from the first page.

If you're looking for something to walk you through a Christ-centred Advent this year, then start here. It's small, it's short, it's rich and rooted in Scripture, and the perfect way to help you keep your eyes fixed on the real meaning of Christmas this year.

You can head on over to The Good Book Company website, and order your copy of "The One True Gift" here... why not order a few copies and help your friends and family keep their eyes on the best gift of Christmas too?

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of "The One True Gift" for the purposes of this review. I received no further incentive and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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