Tuesday 14 November 2017

Siblings in November // Dance clubs, discipline and dressing up...


Life with four underfoot is super busy... My days rush by in a haze of washing, housework and repeating myself. Training toddlers is exhausting and relentless, but I look at the girls and remember it's worth it, however hard and neverending it seems at the time. Yesterday felt particularly relentless... Copious trips to the bottom step, hundreds of repetitions of the same instructions, repeated lessons in discipline... But that little face, that looks up at me with those two favourite words "mine!" and "no!" is the same little face that can melt me in a second, and I remember "this too shall pass"...

Elias continues to be the most fawned over baby in the history of mankind, and as a result is pretty much happy, chirpy and bubbly all the time... Wouldn't you be if you had a neverending circus parade going on in front of you!? He'll be seven months tomorrow, and honestly, his life is pretty dreamy right now. Aside from those pesky teeth, there's pretty much nothing that phases that happy little chappy!

The girls are just in such a lovely phase and stage right now... They have the odd bicker over something small and ridiculous, but for the most part, they are just the very best of buddies and it's a joy to watch. Increasingly, though, Ava is taking herself off with her newfound hobby (reading - she is the ultimate bookworm theses days!), and Heidi and Jonas can be found playing some version of "mamas and papas" or "cats", both of which are very amusing if your looking on. I love that they are cement their relationship... They are both feisty little firecrackers, so games can be interesting!

So here you have our little siblings in November...
Ava (6 years, 3 months) is loving...

> books, books and more books!
> playing with her sister
> Anne of Green Gables
> dance club

Heidi (4 years, 8 months) is loving...
> swimming without floats
> dressing up as an evacuee
> the hairdressers at school
> starting to read books on her own

Jonas (2 years, 5 months) is loving...
> saying "no!" and "mine!" 36525197 times a day
> Anything Fireman Sam
> having his daytime nap in Ava's bed
> homemade soup for lunch 

Elias (7 months) is loving...
> Real food!
> cuddles with Mama in the middle of the night 
> when his siblings blow raspberries on his tummy!
> a good chat!


  1. Oh my goodness toddlers...such a struggle some days (or every day...)! So much grace needed for them AND us xx

  2. So true!!! There are so many good lessons for me to learn too!


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