Tuesday 20 February 2018

Late Winter Favourites // Book Worm Central

I guess it was inevitable that with me as their mother, our children were always going to be readers. From the youngest age, I have always had an insatiable desire for good stories, and sharing my favourites with our children has been one of the greatest delights of motherhood.

There are just some classics; some stories tied up with my own childhood, that I have truly cherished sharing.

For me, stories are seasonal... does anyone else feel like that? There are certain stories that belong to certain times and places. Perhaps a story is linked to a specific event or tradition, or is one that is tightly bound up in an era of life. There are Christmas books, full of cosy festive tales, springtime books full of hope and promise... summer books full of sunshine and holiday memories, and autumn books of hunkering down and breathing in the natural world.

And then there is this little gap. This post Christmas extension of winter. So I thought I'd share my favourite stories for this time of year with you all... there are a great wealth of books I could have labelled here... but these four are books which have stood the test of time... which both I, and the children, have adored for their quaint tales, lovable characters and wonderful storylines. Just a little shout out for our geniune favourites! Links to buy them are at the bottom of the post!

By Martine Beck

This copy was my own copy growing up... and oh, how much I loved this story! The simple tale of two bears living in the alps who's home is destroyed by an avalanche, and how they set up building their home again, with a little unexpected addition! It is a beautiful, heartwarming story of family, of neighbourly love, and of the excitement of preparing for a new life. And the illustrations?! Stunning!

By Jill Barklem

The illustrations in the Brambly Hedge series are something else... my sister actually gifted the girls a framed copy of one of the illustrations for their bedroom. They are so detailed and beautiful and quaint! Little mice living in tree stumps and getting up to all sorts of adventures! The Winter Story is one of ice palaces and excitement and endless amounts of snow... if you haven't come across it - its a keeper!

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Although this story (the first in the Little House series) covers a length of time, this story in particular is synonymous with winter for me. Woodland snow fall, winter scenes, sleigh rides... It's got it all! The Little House series is a firm favourite with our girls and has been the source of much imaginative play over the years. These are books we return to time and time again!

Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire

Anything by the D'Aulaire's is beautiful, whimsical, stunning and totally captures the imagination. Focussing on historical cultures... these books are truly delightful, and even as an adult, each page brings me so much joy. Gorgeously detailed illustrations, wonderfully simplistic storytelling and a beautiful insight into other cultures and eras. Of all their books, I think "Children of the Northlights" is our favourite!


This list is by no means exhaustive... and yet these are the stories that have truly captured the children's imaginations, and therefore are the ones I thought worthy of sharing! If you're after some seasonal reads, look no further!

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  1. I used to read Brambly Hedge too, I loved making up my own stories from the pictures there was so much there to get your imagination going :) xx


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