Monday 26 March 2018

Home Climates // Thoughts for a Monday Morning

"Little ones graze on our emotions. They feed on the tone we set, the emotional climate we create"
- Kim John Payne -

These words have been ringing in my ears recently. Four kiddos can be intense...I find myself pulling out the apology a lot these days. There are definite pressure points of the day - the dash out the door for the school run, the early evening slot with tired and hungry kids... and in those moments, the emotional climate can be far from ideal. And the vast majority of the time, it is me who is the guilty party.

I could allow myself to feel the weight of this quote - the burden... and allow it to pressure me into guilt-ridden parenting. I fail daily, and I always will, no matter how hard I "try", because impatience and selfishness too often get the better of me, and because sin is part and parcel of who I am. That's no excuse... but its a helpful dose of reality. No matter how much "positive" or "intentional" parenting I do (insert appropriate buzz word), I won't ever get it completely right. I will make mistakes. I will fail on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis from being the parent I always wanted to be.

Instead, I let the words mull, I pray, I forward plan and I recognise who I am. Who we are. I am a sinner. My kids are sinners. That could make for some pretty messy family dynamics.

Except for grace. Except for forgiveness. Except for daily reminders of my need for the Saviour, and daily refreshment of his promises to me. And in just the same way that my kids feed on my emotional "climate" I realise I am called to anchor my emotions to the unchanging Father who is steady whatever storm may come.

And if my emotions are stayed on him, then they're going to be a much firmer foundation for my kiddos.

So instead of being tossed around by the rollercoaster emotions pulled forth by entitled children and disobedient toddlers, interspersed by those many moments of joy and beauty of family life, I will lay my anchor firm in the rock that is Christ, trusting him to hold me firm.

And as he does that, I'll be a much better climate for my kids to feed on.

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  1. Awwww Claire we all fall short every day but safe in the knowledge that our prayers will be answered and we will be forgiven. Life goes as such a fast pace these days for us all, i think by evening time it is our batteries and brains that need restoring and re-charging. You are an amazing Mummy to your four young children, i admire you greatly, especially for your honesty


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