Monday 21 May 2018

Keep Going // Thoughts for a Monday Morning

"Taking on the career of being a mother and wife is a fabulously rare lifework in the twentieth century, and a very challenging job. A wasted effort? A thankless job? An undignified slave? No, a most exciting possibility of turning the tide, of saving the species, of affecting history, of doing something that will be felt and heard in ever-widening widening circles."

Edith Schaeffer

For those Mama's at home who feel its endless, thankless, monotonous, intense, unrecognised, overwhelming, undignified, looked-down-upon, exhausting.

This is for you.

Keep going sister... it will be worth it.


  1. thank you for your inspiration to us all

  2. Oh I needed to hear that just now!! Thank you friend xxx


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