Wednesday 4 March 2020

Dear Heidi - You're Seven!


Dear Schnucki,

Seven years old... its beyond belief! I remember so clearly the moment they shouted "its a girl!" and being so thrilled for us, for Ava, for you! Two little girls who were going to be the best of friends... and I'm so genuinely thankful that that is the daily reality for you two at the moment. You have your moments of bickering, of winding each other up... but you absolutely love each other to bits too and are the very best of friends, living your lives in the imaginative world of "fairlyland", obsessed with all things Narnia and Harry Potter, and still sharing a bed every night. I love your bond, and I hope it always stays that way!

For your birthday, yesterday, Ava had the idea that we should throw a little surprise party... so after you got home from church group, unbeknownst to you, your grandparents, "best grown up friend" (RJ!!) and bestie and her family were hiding out in the back room... your face when you walked through that door was so precious, all your nearest and dearest wanting to wish our Heidi-girl a very special 7th birthday. We knew you'd love the surprise!

Round the dinner table, earlier that evening, we shared all the things we love about you Heidi - your brothers talked about how you are good at making up games, reading stories and giving cuddles... your sister talked about you being her best friend, being good at imaginative play and they all said you were funny! Your freckles were mentioned, your loyalty, your heart-on-sleeve character that means we always know exactly where we are with you... we talked about how you have matured and grown up this past year. That lovable little toddler with the volatile temper has mellowed so much... you are kind, you are compassionate and you are a bright little spark, with a loud little voice!

We love watching your empathy at work - you seem to have this amazing ability to feel what other people do... you hate the thought that you might have hurt someone, and you are the first to apologise. This empathy also gives you an edge when it comes to performing. Thrown in a crowded room and you'll stay where you feel safe, put you on a stage and you come into your own!

Our biggest hope and prayer continues to be that the faith you claim in Jesus will continue to grow deeper and deeper. That your empathy will result in an increasing love and care for other people stemming from your desire to be like the Saviour and that as you head into the years where you will begin to grapple more with questions of life and faith, you will find there is no firmer foundation than Jesus Christ.

I am so thankful for you Heidi... your life is a daily testimony and reminder to me of how God brings beauty from heartache. Your heart, though wrecked and ravaged by disease, has been made beautiful... inside and out. Its a beautiful picture of what Jesus does for us... restoring us, healing us, replacing hearts wrecked by sin with beautiful new hearts that the Saviour bought us at such a cost. You are a precious gift to us and we love you so very much.

Keep running the race, keep holding on to the faith, keep your eyes on Jesus and your arms open to others... we love you darling girl...

Happy 7th birthday,

Mama and Papa xx

Heidi with her bestie

Classic Heidi - the performer!

Two peas in a pod! Always together...

Your sibling crew - and looking like the only sane one in the family!

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  1. what a beautiful tribute to Heidi and such a joy to be able to read this and share your joy


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