Saturday 17 July 2021

Summer Time!

This summer, as it looked unlikely we would get back to Norway, we decided to Staycation in our very own city. We live in suburban London; the place where you get the best of both worlds. We are a stones throw from our local country park where it feels like you're in the middle of the countryside, but also just a short train ride from the big city. Of course, it isn't the most picturesque of places - the view from our home is rooftops and chimneys, dual carriageways and telephone wires; but its small enough that you can't go to the local shop without having a chat with at least three different people on route. Everyone knows each other... and we love it here.

As the summer stretched long and empty before us (we usually spend our summers in Norway!), we decided this year to make a bit more of our city. For the past ten years we've had  babies in tow. And babies and London are a military operation. We probably ventured into the city only a handful of times, not braving the mammoth task of negotiating naps, manhandling buggies with stairs (not all the stations have lifts!) and stashing away nappies and baby food and all the essentials. Instead, for the past few years, you'd have found us heading out of the city to the countryside just a bit beyond our suburb - making the most of wide open spaces, beautiful Surrey views and family days out away from town.

And so this year, as our youngest turned four, we decided it was time to really make the most of our country's capital. After a very successful trip to the Science Museum over half term, I booked us in to a Museum every Tuesday (Covid times means all the museums are taking bookings!) And so every Tuesday, at 11am, we'll. be venturing into town to explore a new place... and we'd love you to come with us!

The children and I are also spending the summer exploring the topic "Life at Sea" (they basically requested another homeschool project and geek that I am, I was completely up for some home learning to give us a bit of focus over the next few weeks!) so you might see a nautical theme to our trips... you'll just have to wait and see!

What's your favourite London Museum? I'd love to know!

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