Monday, 30 November 2009

Loving hearts!

Well... I know, it's OVER a year since my last post... how shocking is that? Inspired by a recent discovery of craft blogs, I'm determined to use this blog as a way to share ideas for creative fun!!!

Recently, I've been exploring little hearts! This one was made one evening with my wonderfully creative friend Catrin in an evening of girly chat and craftiness while the boys watched an action movie. Catrin had the idea, and after a little internet research, we came up with the idea of make little deco-hearts to adorn our homes. Catrin did a "Home Sweet Home" heart, and this was my creation. Dead easy to make, a super-speedy project, and a lovely result... don't you think?

I then made some for my parents-in-law just before they returned to Norway in the summer as a little reminder of us back here in England.

Instructions for making to follow... watch this space!


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