Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Always losing hair clips?

I am ALWAYS losing hair clips - I seem to be endlessly buying new ones and then they go missing again. I thought I had tackled the problem when I got married two years ago and was provided with about 50 free clips in one hair do... but I'm down to my last 2!!! Where have the other 48 gone????

Anyway, I was doing a little surfing and saw this really cute idea on Keeping it Simple (http://craftskeepmesane.blogspot.com/), so I decided to have a go...

You need...
* A bit of wood
* Wadding
* A glue gun (my favourite toy!)
* Nice material
* Ribbons galore

First off, cut some wadding to the size of the piece of wood you're going to use. My bit of wood was a bit of panelling I nicked from the kitchen wall (we're about to get our kitchen redone and it's currently covered in ugly varnished pine panelling which I'm eager to get rid of!).

Secondly, glue the wadding onto the wood and cover with some material of your choice (I got this stuff in a fabric shop in Norway and I figured it'd match our bedroom). You can either hot glue or staple gun the material to the wood (I recommend staple-gunning - it'll make it a bit more secure)

Then the fun begins! Cut yourself some strips of cute ribbon (I went with cream because I wanted it to be classic rather than funky in this case - but you could go wacky with colour!!) and glue 'em on - you need some good crafting glue (I use UHU alleskleber - prittstick won't do the trick!) glue on the back of the panel and then wait for it to dry...

And then, tada! Attach your hair clips and you shouldn't lose them ever again (that's the plan anyway!!!) It's a really cute project that genuinely only took me about 45 minutes to complete... Your turn?

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  1. Hi...ich wusste garnicht dass du unter die Blogger gegangen bist!

    Auch wenn nicht viel los ist hier, werdich ab und zu mal reinschaun- wer weis, vielleicht ändert sich das ja bald und ich kann mehr über Claires live lesen!!

    Nachdem ich ja auch schon namentlich im Blg erwähnt wurde ;-)

    Also der Haarspangenhalter ist süß und der Vorratsschrank ist echt toll!

    Grüße aus der Ferne


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