Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A full larder...

My trip to the antique shops on Saturday paid off... not only do I now have a beautiful antique mirror for the bedroom, but we have purchased a beautiful old larder cupboard at a bargainous price. I have just spend the whole morning filling it up with food because I am so ridiculously over-excited about it!

Note the well-placed crutches in the background (Dave's still recovering!!) and the ever-present mountain of packing boxes I am slowly wading my way through.

This morning, however, I spent my time cleaning out my lovely larder and then attempting to fill it. We had originally eye-balled a bigger one (that wasn't nearly so pretty) at IKEA, but my struggle to fill this one proves that actually that wasn't such a bad thing!

Might attach a spice rack to the inside door but yet to decide exactly how to best utilise all the lovely space! (picture vegetable baskets, old glass jars... ok slow down Claire!)

How sad am I? I'm seriously in danger of being properly obsessed with a cupboard - but it just looks so very cute!

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