Monday, 28 May 2012

The BBC in Brighton!

Yesterday, at 10am, the BBC showed a live service from CCK in Brighton (Church of Christ the King). CCK is a church Dave and I visited a couple of years ago with some other very good friends of ours who have recently planted a church there. CCK is home to Lou Fellingham and Stuart Townend, and the place where the movement, New Frontiers, a worldwide family of reformed charistmatic churches, began under the leadership of Terry Virgo a number of years ago.

Link to BBC iPlayer 
It is a thriving, gospel-centred, lively church with a heart for their community in Brighton and it was SO great to finally see a church on television which actually depicted what Christianity is really all about...

Not a loads of laws to follow
Not a gathering of outdated, odd people who follow some brainwashing cult
Not a hyper-traditional, dry service

No... it was full of life, full of Jesus and full of the life-changing work of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Christ the King, for pointing us to Jesus.

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