Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sun days... (finally!)

It seems that the summer has FINALLY arrived here in London - about time too! We are making up for it this week with paddling pools, BBQs, trips to the park, picnics and lots of garden fun! I'm not going to risk missing it all this week as, knowing english weather, this could be the only summer weather we get this year - so I'm determined to make the most of it!

When I was living in Austria and people found out I was English, they'd always say "Oh! That's where it rains ALL the time!" It used to really irritate me; it does NOT rain all the time in England, I used to think, and actually, the weather in Bregenz (aside from long months of snow) was not disimilar to London weather at all.

That was in 2006, though, and any Austrian who tells me now that "it always rains in England" I would, begrudgingly, be forced to agree with them. We all laughed a couple weeks ago when our Pastor at church said "Its been raining for a month", until I stopped and realised he was absolutely right! It has basically rained every day for nearly 2 months until this week - so boy, are we deserving of some sunshine!

Loving the sunshine!
This is the face you make if you accidentally eat sun cream!
Anyway... long story short... I am VERY glad to have lovely weather at last!

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