Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We're on the move...

The day has arrived. My child is no longer one of those amuse-herself, leave-in-one-place-find-her-there-an-hour-later, all-things-dangerous-out-of-reach kind of children. No. She has reached a new level in her growing up.

It's called being mobile.

And its opened up a WHOLE new world for her.

And for me.

Yes, I am now frantically rearranging my lounge, locking away my cleaning products, sticking plastic plugs in all the electric sockets, removing laptop leads, washing powder cartons and television cables from sight, while still trying to leave a few things out that are "out of bounds" but won't do her any harm if she does touch them, for training purposes!

I'm kicking myself. I should have been prepared for this. She's been attempting it for about three weeks now. In fact, it was such a long time, I'd begun to doubt she'd ever get there. And that was my problem. Yesterday took me by surprise.

Yes, she's still slow. Yes, she only does about three crawls at a time, and yes, she's still on the wobbly side, but she can do it.

And that's what scares me...

Let the fun begin!

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