Tuesday, 26 June 2012

GGS Update: Week 2

So I'm one week into my Get Good Summer goals (for more on what that's all about... click here) and I thought it was time for a little update. Thanks to so many of you who have facebooked me, commented on the blog or just come up to me and told me what your Get Good Summer goals are... now all we've got to do is achieve them!

In summary - these were my five goals...

1. Read 5 specific books
2. Exercise every day
3. Make Ava an item of clothing
4. Garden - plant a veggie patch
5. Norwegian - improve conversational skills


I am now up to chapter 3 of Keller's "The Meaning of Marriage." Its a great book, asking the question "What is the point of marriage?" in a culture that suggests its just a piece of paper. I'm really enjoying this one - I'll keep you posted on how it develops! Since I've started it, I've discovered a ton of my friends are reading it too!

My workout regime has started with a vengeance, and so far has incorporated...
* cycling
* dance classes
* Nell McAndrew workout DVD (seriously hardcore!)
I have yet to attempt the park gym equipment, but my friend Ellie and I are going tomorrow... I'll give you a full report on that one... (probably without pictures - !!)

Nothing to report on the clothing front, I'm afraid, unless you count the hat that I made for Ava the other day by knotting her muslin to keep the sun out of her eyes... I was going for something a little more aesthetically pleasing, though!

OK... so I haven't started my veggie patch, but I have made a start with a herb garden... does that count???!

Yesterday afternoon, I started working my way through my Norwegian text book... I'm going to try and do a little bit every day and ask Dave to speak norwegian with me a little bit more. My plan is, in the summer, to speak Norwegian the whole time we're in Norway - lets wait and see if I manage it!

So that's the latest on my Get Good Summer... how are you guys getting on? Leave your comments below!


  1. I did 4 workouts last week and spent all day saturday doing manual labour. Need to dig in to reading a bit more, but otherwise going well. thanks for introducing me to this!

  2. Hi, do you think I can read "The Meaning of Marriage" if not especially religious? Is it still an eye-opener?

  3. Definitely... it is written by a christian, and does present marriage from a christian perspective, but I think you'd find it a really interesting read. It delves into a lot of the official research done (which isn't from a religious perspective) in a very readable way, but does make the case that marriage is designed by God and therefore works best if he's part of it...
    Go for it! I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts afterwards... send me an email on the comments page and let me know what you think!
    Claire x

  4. Have begun my five. Started to clear out unwanted items from my kitchen, also have listed one item on e-bay. Tomorrow will begin Wayne Grudem's book systematic theology, and I have set a date for at least beginning to finish wallpapering the hall (the problem being that we need to dismantle the alarm box, which will go off as soon as we move it, in order to remove the wadge of paper behind it) Decided to remove said box just before ADT come to do their 6 monthly inspection, then full steam ahead. No plans yet to tackle mending, but watch this space.


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