Wednesday, 27 June 2012

From No-Go to Play-Zone...

When Ava first started crawling, and I announced it on Facebook, one of my Uni friends made the following comment that kind of stuck with me...

Fun, fun, fun! Try to create a "yes touch" environment to keep it positive - no gets boring

We're a month in to the crawling thing now, and I can confirm that "no" is indeed getting boring. When Ava pulled my entire spring display down on top of herself yesterday (pot plant, candle holders, tablecloth, picture frame and (thankfully) plastic plate), I realised that perhaps the environment I was trying to hold on to was too much "no" and not enough "yes".

At this stage, I want my "nos" to be reserved for that which is dangerous - cables, radiator pipes and oven doors... Don't get me wrong... I think it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that Ava learns to respond obediently to the word no, but I found myself moving her away from one thing and then saying no to something different...

So yesterday afternoon, when I put her down for her afternoon nap, I set about turning my beautiful spring display "No Go" table into an Ava-friendly "Yes-zone"...

And then came the moment of truth... my little Bubba lifted herself up to the table, expecting to see the usual pile of things she wasn't allowed to touch... and just look at those eyes!

Someone couldn't quite believe she was actually being ENCOURAGED to touch everything in sight!!

Here's hoping the "yes" zone stays popular, and I'll keep plugging away with my No-Go areas!

Any more suggestions welcome!

Over and Out!

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