Friday, 22 June 2012

Homemade herb garden!

So I haven't managed to make a start on my veggie patch yet, but at least part of my garden is now edible! Last night, I planted up my wooden trough with some yummy herbs (already used the chives in our mashed potato - yum!) French parsley, oregano, chives, rosemary and coriander can all be picked from just outside my kitchen window! Just got to make sure the slugs don't get at them! (I pulled about 15 dead slugs away from my Lupin last night... slug pellets everywhere! Yuck!)

This whole green-fingered thing is new for me. I've NEVER been good at looking after plants... they've tended to die within weeks of being in my care; I just forget to water them - oops! This past year, I've made a real effort to actually keep my garden alive... and its finally paying off...

I was having fun with my camera last night, capturing some of the colours, and keeping a record of how nice it looks at the moment... just in case my forgetfulness sets in again and its lost forever... I'm DETERMINED not to let that happen this year...

Painted lolly sticks and a sharpie!
This little birdhouse cost me £1.50 from Garson Farm sale! Love it!
Hanging pots are from IKEA and filled with geraniums! 
Homemade herb garden... the herbs were only £1.99 each and were bought during my third trip to the garden centre this week! £10 well spend!!
Clogs were a charity shop find - geraniums, trailing geraniums and marigolds! 
Pretty in pink!
Fiery flower - beautiful!
As I said, this is how it looks at the moment... the challenge now is to KEEP it looking this way...

Oh help...

Happy weekend everyone!

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