Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ordinary days...

We had a bit of a manic weekend last week; it incorporated a music team training morning (which we were running), a trip to the garden centre, a school reunion, a 30th birthday party, music at church and guests for Sunday lunch. It was great fun, we loved every minute of it, but PHEW! I breathed a sigh of relief when I slumped into the sofa on Sunday evening! I was definately NOT putting my "slow down" thing into action...

So we've been doing a fair amount of pottering this week; having friends round for coffee, trips to the garden centre to see the fish, days around the house and in the garden... just nice and relaxed.

Friday night curry takeaway - I couldn't face cooking!
Thinking through Sunday song choice 

Music team small group discussion - talking through Worship Matters (Bob Kauflin) 
With her NCT buddies... boxes are fun! I won't rant on again about how much more fun everyday boring stuff is to actual toys... but seriously!
Homemade ice lollies... yum!
This past week, Dave's started taking Ava for a little walk after her dinner while I prepare our dinner. She loves it, he gets one to one time with her, and I get a quiet house for 20 mins - everyone's happy! Very grateful for my thoughtful husband. So appreciate that little bit of space! This was them arriving back yesterday evening!
Me and my gal! I don't have many pictures of just me and her... anyone else find that? Generally I'm the one to take the photos, so it was nice for Dave to offer to get some of me and A.

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