Thursday, 28 June 2012

Special Delivery...

Yesterday morning, I had three visits from the postman.
The first postman delivered all our mail as normal - the usual mix of bills, newsletters and junk mail!
The second postman arrived with the ink cartridges I ordered ages ago (Mum and Dad - you'll be pleased to know we won't be stealing your ink any more!)
The third postman arrived and wanted me to sign for a strange, flat package, addressed to Dave.

I felt it, shook it a bit, tried to peer through a little hole in the side, but to no avail.

After much wondering, I put it on the dining room table, and promptly forgot all about it...

Until, sat in front of the Portugal/Spain match last night, Dave piped up...
"Were you in all day today, Claire? I think the Olympics tickets were meant to arrive..."

OOOhhhh... exciting...

Said mystery package was promptly retrieved, and the excitement mounted...

The moment of truth...

Look at the pure excitement on his face! 
We got tickets!!!

... only quarter AND semi-finals!! 
Have any of you got Olympics tickets? I'd love to hear what you're going to see!

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