Monday, 30 July 2012

BBQ by the fjord...

Lots of lovely relaxing days by the fjord, and none to few BBQs! I love being so close to the water... yesterday we went down to the waterside for an outdoor service. 29th July is the anniversary of "Holy Olav" bringing christianity to Norway, so the people of the peninsula were out for a special outdoor service. Was lovely to sit by the waters edge, sing some hymns, and although I couldn't understand all that was said, I was able to spend some time just praying for this country that I've grown to love over the past 5 years.

Had quite a quiet weekend, but no shortage of the infamous norwegian hot dogs since we've been here, and the boys have all been for a swim in the fjord... Ava and I are still psyching ourselves up for that ice-cold SPLASH! Not quite sure we're brave enough this year (its warm, but not boiling weather!)

Our beautiful Norwegian home from home

Bubba watching the bonfire

Papa and Onkel Henning grilling... yummy hotdogs!

Look at that view!

Gorgeous girly!

Such a good Papa!
On Friday Magni and I went down to the old schoolhouse... its where they used to teach the children - a one room schoolhouse that finally closed down in the 70s when it had only 4 pupils left. It is a goldmine! Literally one of those "ghost-town" buildings... everything is left exactly as it was! Anyway, I'm heading there today to get some photos and will hopefully speak to some of the locals about what it was like, so I'm hoping to blog on that later this week. I find it absolutely fascinating.

Anyway... more on that to come... happy Monday everyone!

PS - was SO proud to be British this weekend... Olympic opening ceremony was incredible, and well done Lizzy Armitstead for our first medal!

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