Tuesday, 31 July 2012

First shoes!

Yesterday was a momentous occasion... we took our little baby into the centre of town and got her her first pair of shoes. She transformed instantly into a proper little girl and was so pleased stamping her little feet around. Where has my little, helpless bundle gone? Those soft little feet which plod around on tiptoes as she's supported by her arms, became these booted stompers raring to go...

Ava on the foot-measuring illuminous green rocking-horse!
The shop assistant was really helpful and Ava got to sit on a big green rocking horse as she had her feet measured (although they had to get a separate measuring unit for her as her little legs weren't long enough to reach the one attached to the horse itself) She loved it, although it was a challenge to keep her little toes from wriggling as the lady tried to measure her!

Wriggly toes...

Mama checks if they fit!

Such a big girl!
I just can't believe we've reached this phase... its such a far cry from that little bundle that was placed in my arms almost a year ago. She's so desperate to walk now... cruising round everything and wanting to walk everywhere (with our help of course!) but not quite trusting herself to take a step alone. When we put her shoes on her in the shop yesterday, they seemed to give her a new sense of power, and she stood alone for about 3 seconds... its just amazing when you think how helpless and dependent she was such a short time ago... and now, she's almost grown up.

"Look at me!!!"
Practicing walking!
"I'm so pretty with my new shoes, I could kiss myself!"
As you can see, Ava seems to be a happy bunny with her new big-girl shoes. Let's just hope her Mama can find it in her to rejoice as much that this little Bubba is turning into a proper little girl!

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  1. jenny flindall31 July 2012 at 22:54

    Fantastic! forget the walking she will be running soon. lol

    cu all soon jen


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