Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I'm going to be a bit controversial in this post... I know its not a popular thing to say, I know lots of people will be yelling at their computer screens and banging their desks/tables/laps/laptops in anger, but its just the way it is.

I don't like cats.

You can come at me with all sort of arguments as to why I should like cats... I don't buy the soft, fluffy, cute thing. I never used to have a problem with them - there was even a time where I would let them do that creepy wrap themselves around your legs things and stroke you as they walk past. But no more. When I was about 14, a cat jumped out from behind a bush down a road on my walk home from school  and literally missed my face by about a centimetre. That was it. Cats and I no longer got on.

My daughter, however, does not seem to have inherited this dislike I have. In fact, she is the opposite. She adores cats; if she sees one, she shouts "da-za" (Katze) and runs to the patio doors. When she bangs and hurts herself and cries inconsolably, I know all I have to do is take her outside to see Maggie, our neighbour's cat who sleeps in the birdhouse on sunny days, and all will be well again.

So I'm being taught a lesson by my daughter. When God made the world, he said it was all "good". I have to assume cats were included in that and so, much as I dislike these feline fiends, I must admit that they are creatures made by the creator God, and therefore, even though I'm not their biggest fan, I probably shouldn't loathe them in the way I am prone to do...


  1. I'm with you sister..I just can't get on with them either. A friend of mine is a volunteer 'home' for the Cat Protection League so her house is full of them while they are being rehoused to good homes. Whilst I appreciate her heart to care for these animals, visiting her is akin to, for me, chewing on a piece of tin foil for the duration of the visit! No doubt there is probably some childhood trauma in my background like you where a cat and I crossed paths and it didn't end well. I am with Ava...looking at them through the glass is fine with me. lol

  2. I'm with you on this whole cat thing Claire, I'm really not keen either, despite growing up with them! You're not the first person to have linked a post dissing cats! X

  3. Cats aren't cute they are clever - except when it comes to roads. I am more of a cat person than a dog one - mainly because you don't have to look after them as much.

  4. I'm with you on the cat thing - they just don't seem like a very 'fun' pet to me. Great post

  5. Sorry not with you here - cat lover from birth!

  6. I'm like Louise - more a cat person than a dog one but our little Bichon Frise doesn't really count as a dog - more like a teddy bear than dog!


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