Tuesday, 3 July 2012

London, baby!

At the weekend, some very dear friends from my university days came to visit. We had a GREAT time of catching up, munching Pizza Express, watching movies, staying up late into the night and trekking around London. It was Ava's first trip to see the sights and so excited was she to see Buckingham Palace, she point blank refused to sleep! Cheeky little monkey...

With the lovely Lindsay in Pizza Express... yum!

Beth and Rose with the gorgeous little Crispin!
After yummy Pizza Express, we headed for the sights of London! This was the point at which my beautiful baby was meant to fall asleep peacefully in her pram (just like her well-behaved little friend Crispin) but instead, decided she didn't want to miss out on the fun. Buckingham Palace was clearly not to be missed...

Ava clearly taken by the passing horse and carriage while little Crispin does what my daughter was MEANT to be doing! 
Beautiful Buckingham!
So after she'd had her view of Buckingham, I promptly placed her back in her pram, lying down, ready to fall asleep... I look away for two seconds and this is what I find...

Clearly my daughter has a mind of her own!

We headed back towards Waterloo, and yes, my daughter did eventually fall asleep, but only once I'd put her in Crispin's sleeping bag so she couldn't stand up, and literally strapped her into her pram lying down! 

What a cheeky monkey!

A lovely weekend with great friends and lots of happy memories!

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