Friday, 21 September 2012

Pick-Your-Own Adventure!

This week, I met up with some of my uni friends for a catch-up, yummy lunch and a trip out. Ali, Rosie, I and the babies headed to my favourite Pick-Your-Own farm and pricked our fingers on the blackberry brambles, trudged through the dust and had our fingers stained with berry juice. In essence, we had a whale of a time... and the babies even more so!

Feel the need to explain a) my hair and b) my hand... regarding the hair? It was windy... My hand? This was me telling Rosie that we should take a picture AFTER gathering our corn and not before and that this was how we should pose for it. What I didn't realize was that she was taking the picture as I was talking. 
Eating dirt... way more tasty than runner beans, sweetcorn and blackberries!
Ava walking through the cornfields with Ali and Mama! She was absolutely filthy!
Clearly picking fruit and veg is exhausting work!
We had great fun... my fridge is now packed with all kinds of goodies and Ava slept like a log and gave Mama a lie-in the next morning! Not complaining about that! On the way out, we spotted a huge pumpkin patch, so I feel a return visit is in order soon!! Oh, and thanks Rose for the fab photos!!

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