Thursday, 20 September 2012


So I made a rather exciting, if not also rather late, discovery this week. Apparently, my blog got published on Britmums (the UK's largest parenting blog) back at the start of August. Somehow, the email informing me of this fact missed me and I just got another confirmation this week! How crazy... anyway... my first "officially" published piece of writing can be found here.

In other news, I had my 16 week check yesterday, and Ava and I heard her little bro or sis's heartbeat. Crazy how quick this pregnancy is zooming, and how clueless I am in terms of how far I am. Last time round I tracked my pregnancy like crazy - every week I would be reading articles on "what the baby is doing this week" and looking at 3D pictures of what Ava looked like. I knew to the day how pregnant I was because I was counting... this time - I'm so clueless! Life is so busy with a one year old that I have to stop and look up how many weeks I am, I have no idea what part of its body this baby is developing. Trust me, this baby is as loved and precious as Ava... but I'm just in a different phase of life, I guess, and I can see this time is just going to fly by.

Next stop, 20 week scan, and I'm a ball of nerves. I love the scans once I'm in there and know everything's OK, but I always feel nervous as we walk in that room. It's a good opportunity to trust God and remind myself that he holds all things, including this little one, in his hands.

He is good!

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