Monday, 1 October 2012

An eventful weekend!

This weekend was rather eventful in our household... after many weeks of trying... of taking a few steps here and there, of falling a lot, of refusing to comply and making her legs go floppy... our little girl is finally walking!

OK, I don't know at what point you say a child is walking - she's not yet standing up walking across the room, picking up her toy, turning around and coming back again, but she did manage the kitchen to lounge yesterday (about 15 steps) before falling over, and she's trying to do it on her own without coaxing now. That's near enough to "walking" in my book!

She did four laps backwards and forwards on Friday night between the two sofas, and then I got the camera out... If you get the camera out, you can guarantee Ava will fail to comply. But eventually we caught her - on the third attempt of this clip!


I don't think life will ever be the same again!

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  1. Super Ava.... Du hast recht, jetzt ist sie einfach kein Baby mehr!

    Liebe Grüße


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