Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumn Days...

Autumn has finally arrived! Ava and I have collected a tonne of conkers, splashed in our wellies and snuggled up inside to the sound of pouring rain outdoors. I LOVE it!!

I also love the opportunity for a change of scenery. On Saturday, I packed away all my summer beach decorations (definitely beyond the beachy season now - did we even GET it this year??!) and whipped out the autumn ones.

Hello autumn mantel!

Most of our conker collection got spent on the window sill. I took the glass out of the
frame and made a leaf out of scrapbook paper scrunched up, so its got a bit of a 3D effect!
The little leaves dotted on the sill are made of Fimo... I made them about 3 years ago and re-use them every year!
Leaves, glorious leaves!
I know, I'm not American... but I unearthed these stickers I got at Walmart in the States 3 years ago
and couldn't let them go to waste!

Our table centrepiece. Ava and I have been lighting the candles before breakfast every morning and
she has great fun blowing them out (or attempting to) at the end! 
The mantel!

I always like a good old mosey round the charity shop, and spotted this leaf plate there on
Friday. It had to be bought and filled with autumnal goodies!! 
Great hymn - gets whipped out once a year for Harvest, but always good to
be reminded of the one who gave us autumn!
Lovely conkers
I made this wreath for autumn last year... I found a tutorial on Home Stories A to Z which you can follow here.
Only takes about an hour to make! If its a wreath base you're after, let me know. I'm about to put an order in!
After all that decorating, it was time for an autumny dinner! This Creamy Squash Risotto is one of my favourites. We love it and it makes it onto my monthly recipe list every month without fail. There's something especially good about it at this time of year though...

I linked up to Thrifty Decor Chick's "Fall Link Party" if you want some truly fab Autumn ideas!
Fall Party

If you've gone all autumny... let me know some of your ideas!! I'd love to hear them!


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  1. Lovely Claire! I have a big bag of plastic pumpkins, gourds etc., I bought in Walmart last time I was in the States. I saw you asking if there was anywhere in the UK you can buy them but I have yet to find anywhere. Your ideas are great and look wonderful. x


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