Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Being creative with a one year old?

This weekend, Ava and I had some down time. She's recently got into "drawing" (which involves random lines across a piece of paper) and I'd started to think I'd like to do something a bit creative but a bit different too...


What on EARTH do you do that is creative with a 13 month old that won't involve them choking/damaging themselves/just creating a huge mess...???

I got on the web and started the hunt and time and time again, play dough came up...

Only I know my daughter, and she would totally eat the stuff...

So I came across this simple recipe for edible playdough... its edible so it isn't remotely dangerous to her, but its not particularly tasty, so she won't WANT to eat it (I came across recipes for chocolate flavoured playdough, peanut butter playdough and so on... but I don't really want to encourage her to eat the stuff!!)

It's simple...
- 1 part plain flour
- 2 parts porridge oats
- 1 part water

Mix it all up, add some food colouring and there you have an afternoon of fun!

I stupidly forgot to add the food colouring until AFTER I'd mixed it all up, so instead of the lovely green playdough I imagined in my head, it looked like a cross between Army camouflage and something you'd find in Jurassic Park.

Oh well. I've "learnt the hard way" as they say!

Here's some pics of the fun!

If you have little ones, and are running out of creative ideas... why not give it ago?? Similarly, if you have any other suggestions... please comment me!!

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  1. Wenn du möchtest gebe ich dir unser Rezept für Playdough- ist auch nur aus Mehl, Salz, Wasser und Öl und hält sich aber mindestens 3 Monate! Und kann (könnte) man auch essen - schmeckt allerdings furchtbar!
    Ansonsten fällt mir nur Spielen und malen mit Rasierschaum ein...eine Flache Schüssel mit Rasierschaum füllen, Mülltüte unter den Stuhl (!) und Spaß haben...malen, schmieren, Berge bauen,...
    Wasserfarben ist wohl auch noch etwas zu früh - das wäre dann doch besser für draußen im Garten - ohne Kleider ;-)

    LG Catrin


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