Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tales from a teacher...

There are some times when, as a teacher, you have to suck your cheeks in and turn away to stop yourself laughing out loud. These times happen fairly regularly with children... and I love the cute way they phrase things sometimes!

Some highlights from this term...

Year 1 child (looks at my bump wide eyed): "Wow. Are you having another baby?"
Me: "Yes I am. How could you tell?!"
Child: "I can see it. How many babies are you going to have?"
Me: "Well, I don't know about that... we'll have to wait and see"
Child: "I'd like to have ten. But I won't have them. I'll only have two."
Me: "Oh... why's that then?"
Child: "Someone told me it REALLY hurts!" (Child skips off happily swinging lunchbox)

Me (in a French written assessment): "Quelle est le date de ton Anniversaire?"
Child: "Je m'appelle une pomme?"

"Do all the teachers in Year 6 have to wear something red?"

"I guess it's similar to Diwali... you know, that famous Muslim festival"

"I was just sitting quietly in my seat and then suddenly I just stabbed my hand with my pencil, and now its bleeding"

Oh the joys! I could tell countless tales, but I thought I'd stick to the giggles I've had to supress over the last 5 weeks. Hope you enjoy! Back to work today... no doubt I'll have some more tales to tell soon enough!

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