Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday feeling...

It's Friday!!! I am so excited to have a full 5 days with my girly now. Yesterday was a full on day. I was at work by 8, taught all morning, marked through assembly, marked through break, marked through lunch, taught French all afternoon and headed straight off to a course as soon as the children were out the door. I didn't even stick my head through the staff room door all day! I rocked through our front door at 6.10pm and had 50 minutes with Ava before bedtime. It was a full on day... I'm in awe of working Mums!

But now I have 5 days with Ava and I love that Friday feeling!! I love that little cheeky face and hate it when I barely see her all day. I love my job, but this part time thing is hard. Feeling like your torn between two different worlds and that you can't give yourself fully to either one...

I know I'm so very blessed. I know there are so many people out there who, for various reasons, are having to work full time... I know I am ABSOLUTELY so fortunate to be in a position where I only need to work 1 1/2 days a week. I know that. But its still hard... because I adore my job, and when I'm there, I feel so lured by the whole career ladder, the promotion, the aiming for higher things... and yet when I'm at home, I want nothing more than to be with my Ava M and work is the absolute last thing on my mind.

Anyway. I'm laying that aside, because its the weekend and I have five days now of coffee with friends, library trips, Mums and Tots and general Ava fun...

Can you blame me that I can't stay away when you see this cute little face??

Anyone else find the whole part-time thing hard?

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