Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sew Pretty...

Last week, my wonderful Mum looked after the girlies while I whizzed into town to get some new materials for my little business (check it out here...) I was in and out in an hour and a half (its amazing how quick you can whizz around town when you aren't lugging a buggy and bored children around!) and one of my stops was my favourite place in town... the fabric shop! I stocked up on a metre of each of the cottons on the left (only £3.49 each!) My aim? After avidly following The Great British Sewing Bee, I had decided to sew an item of clothing for Ava.

This is NOT something that I ever thought I'd have the guts to do. I love sewing, but more the sit around the fireplace hand-stitching a little decoration for the home, or an advent calendar or something along those lines. Dressmaking? No! Far too scary and too much like hard work! But I've been so inspired by the contestants on that programme, I thought it was finally time to face my fear and give it a go. So I asked my lovely Mum to pick up a simple pattern for me and this is what she came back with...

Scary looking, eh? It felt it anyway. But after getting it out and carefully reading through all the instructions (yes, I am one of those who needs to read the instructions!) I started drawing and cutting the pattern during the girls nap on Saturday afternoon. By the time the girls woke up, everything was cut, and I just needed to sew... This was the bit that scared me!!

After putting the girls to bed, I faced my fears... I started at 8ish, and stopped at 11.30pm. It was full on, but I did it, and it wasn't so hard at all (patterns are brilliant!!) As long as I did what the pattern told me to (yes, sometimes I had to read the line 3 times with a frown on my forehead!), it seemed to work. It's not perfect, but I'm so chuffed with the final result.

It's a late night photo, taken bleary-eyed on my ipad at near midnight, but here you have it...

My first attempt at dressmaking!


  1. I love it and I swear I had a little dress just like that when I was little-it was reversible and my favorite thing to wear. I think I honestly wore it every single day one summer-although my mom must have washed it once in awhile!

    1. Ooooh! I love that idea - reversible!! Probably slightly out of my ability level at the mo, but something to try in the future!!! Thanks for stopping by... your blog is my fave to read - used to read it when feeding my firstborn in the wee hours of the morning! Now I'm reading it in the night with my second! x

  2. I look forward to seeing some pics with Ava modelling. Well done! Xx

  3. That looks brilliant. Well done

  4. Adorable! I'm really impressed you took the plunge! I too did not sew clothes for the longest time, only quilts. Once I got over the initial dress, it seemed to get easier. I still haven't done much, but I'm almost finished with the first pair of shorts for my little girl.

    Would love to see a picture on your little model!


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