Tuesday 25 June 2013

Heidi's Dedication...

This day was always going to be special. Only 6 weeks ago, our gorgeous girly was attacked by the horrendous Kawasaki disease. The ordeal that ensued was horrific... 2 weeks of the unknown - no diagnosis, followed by treatment for Kawasaki, followed by the awful discovery on that Wednesday. Our baby girl's heart, more specifically her coronary arteries, which were once smooth and free flowing, are now covered in aneurysms. At present, they are, in some places, just over twice the size they should be.

It has been a heart-wrenching journey; a rollercoaster ride - moments of elation at good news quickly curbed by disappointments and more bad news. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Still now, when I look down at our baby girl, there is a distant ache and that small voice which whispers "Why her...?"

And yet, through it all, our God has been so faithful. He has comforted us in the deepest pits, has drawn near in the moments of heartache. He knows what it is to lose a child. He's been there.

And we haven't lost her.

She's a little fighter, and in his goodness and mercy, God has spared our little girl's life and protected her when she was in the gravest danger a couple of weeks ago. We are so grateful.

And so, Sunday was twofold in purpose. We wanted to thank God for the gift of Heidi... that gift of life made all the more poignant by the near loss a few weeks ago... (but oh! It feels like a lifetime ago!) She is so very precious to us, and I can honestly say I cherish every day more as a result of this trial. I can rest assured that God is good and holds us in his almighty hands.

As well as being thankful, we wanted to commit ourselves to godly parenting. We made some promises... promises to do all we could to model Christ to her, to make the gospel attractive, to bring her up in a way that brings glory and honour to God. As I said here, the decision to become a christian is hers to make. It is not anything we can, or would, force upon her.

It was a beautiful day, and we had a great turnout... friends from our schooldays, colleagues, the NCT gang, church friends, family and people who have cared for us, loved us and supported us through this whole experience. We had a indoor picnic afterwards, and it was wonderful to have our amazing network of family and friends gathered around us...

Everyone brought a picnic, and we provided hot drinks and ice-cold cloudy lemonade...

and these little girls had a whale of a time...!

 We headed back, afterwards, to my parents for Spag Bol with the family, before my lovely mother-in-law babysat for the girls in the evening so we could go to the evening service together.

God is good and faithful. And you, our friends and family, are truly wonderful.

Thank you for loving us so well.

We are truly blessed.


  1. awww what a magical day!! thank you for linking up with #magicmoments xx

  2. Looks like a really special day, we had a thanks giving for J , bit I like the idea that it's about your commitment to be godly parents as well as a blessing....hadn't thought of it like that before. She looks lovely too!

    1. It was a special day. We called it "Heidi's dedication", but really it was us dedicating ourselves to the challenging task of christian parenting!! Thanks so much for stopping by!xx

  3. That last image is so lovely. So glad you had such a wonderful day

    1. Thanks! It was very special. The last photo wasn't at all planned or staged, but of all the planned and staged ones we had taken, its my favourite! Congrats on the award, BTW!xx


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