Monday, 24 June 2013

Schoolboy error...

It's official.

I am a muppet.

I have just sat down to write this lovely post about our wonderful dedication day and show you all the beautiful pictures of what we got up to. It is nearly midnight as I write this (don't ask!) and I've just plugged my camera in to upload all my photos to discover an SD card full of pictures of Alaska.

I've brought the wrong camera home.


My camera, with all the lovely photos of today, is sitting nicely perched at my parents house, while my Dad's camera is uploading all these very lovely, but really rather irrelevant, pictures of Alaska to my laptop.

Schoolboy error.

I have sat here and considered my options...
1) I simply don't post about the dedication at all
2) I drive round to my parents (who are probably in bed), sneak in their front door (I have a key) and switch the cameras. Good idea. But I may find myself knocked over the head by a cricket bat if they think they're being burgled...
3) Post a couple of  the pictures they took and give you the real deal tomorrow instead.

So I'm opting for option three, which means you'll just have to wait til tomorrow to get the lowdown on this fun...


  1. Lovely photo! Love that Ava and Heidi are wearing matching outfits too, that's so sweet. Hope you had a fab day, look forward to seeing the 'official' photos :)

    1. One of the joys of having little girls... me and my sister were often dressed the same. Something cute about matching outfits!!


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