Sunday, 2 June 2013

Kawasaki Disease...

We can't explain this disease... we have tried. We have tried to come up with ways of explaining that Heidi's heart is currently fine, that its her arteries that are dilated, that its not a case of "every day she's getting better"... that even though the Kawasaki's is hopefully gone now (we blasted it with immunoglobulin again overnight) the damage has been done.

We have tried to come up with an analogy and nothing quite works, and so, to help you all understand what it is that attacked our baby girls body, I have posted this short video by the Kawasaki Disease Foundation.

This disease is a total anomaly to doctors - they don't know what causes it, how it gets there... and don't even fully understand how the treatment works. But it wreaks havoc and has thrown our lives upside down.

I hope this video helps you understand, and helps raise awareness of this terrible, ugly disease and its consequences... and helps you pray better for our little Heidi...


  1. Dear Claire
    We have not spoken to you but you and Dave, Ava and Heidi are very much in our thoughts.
    xx Helen

  2. Dear Claire!
    We hope that Heidi get well soon!!
    Lovly hugs and best wishes!

  3. We are with you


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