Sunday, 2 June 2013


Today has been a milestone day for Heidi and I. It was always meant to be a special day. Today was the day David and I were supposed to dedicate ourselves to teaching Heidi about the Lord. We would have stood on the stage at church with our two little girls and made our promises.

Instead it has been a remarkably quiet day. Sitting and reading in our little hospital bay with the sun shining in on us. Peaceful and quiet. A milestone day for both of us. The first day in a week that Heidi's little veins have had a break from being bled. She has had a day of rest, and for a little anaemic baby, that is worth gold.

My milestone has been somewhat different. Today is the first day, probably in three weeks, that I haven't cried. It feels like an achievement. I'm not hardened to this... I will never be. But somehow, I am beginning to realise that this is our new life, and to live in the past, aching for the simplicity we once had, is not going to be good for any of us. The tears have been good, they have been necessary, and I am sure there will be plenty more, but not to cry for one day seems good too.

Today we have smiled and giggled and enjoyed our baby girl. Enjoyed her tufty brown hair, enjoyed her chubby, slightly paler than normal, cheeks, enjoyed her babbling and cooing and wide-mouthed gummy grin. She is a joy. She is ours. She is here. That's what counts.

One. Day. At. A. Time.

So I'll leave you with our gorgeous girly, asking you again for your continued prayers. Tomorrow we will find out if the second burst of Gamma-globulin has ousted this Kawasaki Disease once and for all. Please pray her CRP levels will have come down. Pray we can come home. Pray that the Lord will bring healing to this little bundle of fun. Pray that we will continue to rely on Jesus for our strength and joy through this trial.

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